In Shape By Laila takes pride in being the fitness home for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and goals. Super convenient to home and work, with friendly and welcoming staff, providing the client with fitness solutions, nutrition, and weight loss support in a fun, social, and relaxed environment.

Laila’s journey started twenty-five years ago when she was first exposed to fitness and women’s fitness in particular. She was quickly ignited with a passion for fitness which has taken her on an amazing journey of self-discovery and later over the years, by how it had impacted so many women’s lives along the way.

Her powerhouse and passion for fitness were fueled by the fact that she could empower so many women to feel the same way. She realized that it needed a different approach than what currently exists in the fitness industry. The fitness industry was all about making women less than they are. It concentrated on weight loss ONLY thus distorting the concept of being fit, strong, and healthy.

The objective is to create training programs and systems that cater to women with different needs, different fitness levels, different financial capabilities to achieve their individual goals within an atmosphere of personal care, and attention.

In Shape by Laila strongly believes that it is essential that every woman receives a private “get to know you” comprehensive fitness consultation and her own certified personal trainer because studies have proven that women who work with a fitness coach are more likely to stick to a long-term exercise plan and achieve their fitness goals.

We are committed to helping all our members achieve their health and fitness aspirations customized to their goals and needs.

The size of a typical In Shape By Laila outlet is between 2,000 sq. feet and 4000 sq. feet. In Shape By Laila serves multicultural middle to high-end income customers.




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