In Shape by Laila Concept

In Shape by Laila is an exciting unique ladies only boutique gym training facility franchise concept! created to offer a totally new dynamic in women’s fitness and isn’t following the general trend of boutique studio fitness classes. In Shape by Laila is taking the gym training experience to a new level by eliminating everything that is currently missing in women’s fitness today. At In Shape by Laila our mission to make sure women are acquiring the necessary skills to train professionally. efficiently and correctly to ultimately achieve their goals with our individual personalized care and attention that is the main ingredient in all our training programs.

Our training programs have been designed to offer women a variety of fitness options that all fit with our philosophy that every woman is special, unique and beautiful. Our mission is to make sure she gets the personal attention she needs to be strong, healthy and confident. Our methods have successfully been proven and we are proud of so many women who have learnt to take charge of their physiques and achieved such amazing results.

In Shape by Laila concentrates on three main training programs: P1. 1-on-1 Personal Training P2. Small Group Personal Training P3. “Train Like a Pro” VIP Gym Training Program Each of these programs satisfy all the core values that make In Shape by Laila the future of fitness for women.